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Still Waters Plumbing, LLC is founded on four generations of pursuing excellence in the plumbing trade. As a child, I loved thinking about the family proverb my father would quote.

“A Family Tradition That Starts With You”

This inspired me to think holistically about wisdom for the individual, family, plumber, company and the customer. A family full of traditions is a wonderful foundation for learning personal responsibility with a sense of duty and honor. I was fortunate to admire my father as he established a multi-family plumbing company based on our family values.

At the age of 22, I became a Master Plumber in the State of Texas and was blessed to become a Partner in the family business. This new role in the company required me to expand the company by establishing connections and licenses, while completing jobs in Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. Traveling was an extremely valuable experience, because it exposed me to many variations of local codes and methods in our trade.

Time for all that traveling ended on April 21, 2012, when I met the other Partner in Still Waters Plumbing, my beautiful wife Darcy. Her background in accounting and hospitality inspired a new company birthed in a familiar tradition. Our life has been marked with similar experiences of being lead to still waters, which was a natural fit for our company's name. Still Waters Plumbing is comprised of a team of kin and adopted kin that bring a multifaceted talent pool together for a common purpose.

At Still Waters Plumbing, we understand that the plumbing in your home is a complex system and can often be intimidating when unexpected problems arise. Our goal is to provide an experience that makes you feel comfortable and helps you understand the solution to your problem. We appreciate and value every customer and want to be the plumber that you refer to your friends and family!

Daniel DeBord, Co-Founder of Still Waters Plumbing


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Every Chance, Every Where


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We exist to CONNECT with our customers, community and team to SERVE everyone  everywhere at every chance while we EXCEL in being proficient, efficient, and transparent.  This holistic approach allows us to SHARE our time, expertise and purpose; demonstrating Still Waters brings more to plumbing.

Our Staff



I have been in the plumbing industry for 23 years. Like many in our company, I was taught plumbing from a young age by my father. I am very passionate about so many aspects of plumbing, from fellow plumbers to the customer experience. I strive daily to be better than I was the day before. I love my family, friends, other plumbers, people I have not met, high fives, bear hugs, and the fact that mercy is new everyday. This little light of mine is more than just a torch. May we all feel blessed.



I was introduced to the “retail” world through traveling our great country managing teams that set up store fronts and floor inventory for many major retailers. I enjoyed navigating the corporate ladder in both Starwood and Hyatt Properties. Things changed when I met my husband, Daniel, and I became involved in plumbing. I love being with my family during my time off and watching our daughter learn and grow. We enjoy going to the park and being active outside. We are also foodies. I love being surrounded by friends or family sharing great food with great conversation. We hope to invite you in to our family!



Howdy, I am “Papa Smurf” of this dynamic team and am very excited to continue to support them as they continue to leave their imprint on our industry. I have been a partner in a restaurant, a framing company, an air conditioning company and a couple plumbing companies. My greatest potential was found in installing complete plumbing systems in new construction apartment complexes across multiple states. After 26 years of exceeding clients expectations we decided to take on residential plumbing. Now I get to enjoy my grandkids, hunting, bow fishing, and mentoring young plumbers.



I've been in the plumbing industry for 23 years. Building new multifamily projects is were I began which led to opportunities in commercial,medical, and home services as well. Now a master plumber I take pride in being able to teach others the importance of our trade and the commitment it takes to be a professional. Family matters most to me so being able to spend time watching movies, partaking in sports, hunting, traveling, or little things like grilling beside the pool are priceless moments to me.



I've been in the plumbing industry for 21 years. I have enjoyed perfecting my trade which was introduced to me through my uncle. That experience has taken me to multiple states performing new construction, multi-family, commercial, and service. I enjoy the challenges of plumbing and the sense of accomplishment when I solve a plumbing issue for a customer. In my free time I enjoy traveling, hunting, golf, and spending time with my family.

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