Do you Want to Build a Snowman?

One of the hardest parts of being a small business owner is that people need you around the clock. Last February, when the temperatures in North Texas were as low as 4 degrees and the power in many places was struggling to stay on, we were answering calls around the clock. Texas rarely experiences cold […]

What’s in a name? Why we named our company Still Waters

When Daniel and I were launching the plumbing company things were chaotic in our life. We were starting a new business, deciding where we wanted to live and start our company, and we were pregnant. It was a crazy time, and what we wanted to build with our new business was stability for our family. […]

Still Waters Plumbing Origin Story

The Plumbers Wife If you are wondering who is The Plumbers Wife, it’s me. My name is Darcy DeBord, I am the co-owner of Still Waters Plumbing serving North Texas. I am married to Daniel, a Master Plumber, and we have a daughter together. I wanted to start a blog called The Plumbers Wife because […]