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Water Leak Detection & Repair

If you have a faucet dripping constantly, high water pressure or worn out parts could be the cause.

Pipe Joint Leaks

Waterline leaks can be difficult to locate and repair. The leak is not always where the water shows up. A leak in a straight run of pipe can sometimes be fixed temporarily using a pipe repair clamp. A leak in a fitting is more difficult to repair.

Do not assume the leak will fix itself or diminish over time. Small leaks generally become big leaks that result in expensive repairs and property damage. Call the experts at Still Waters Plumbing to assess your leak problem and fix it promptly!

Leak Detection Experts

When it comes to leaking water pipes in your home, there is a definite need to move quickly to address the problem. If you’re lucky, the leak occurs over a basin or drain of some kind, meaning that you are only in danger of higher water bills. Most times, however, homeowners find that the leak is occurring in some other place inside their home, causing water damage throughout multiple floors and damaging the structure of the home (and let’s not even talk about how quickly mold growth takes hold)!

Leak detection can be even more complicated when it occurs behind walls. In those instances, you may see the leak show up at a particular place in your home, but you don’t realize that it’s actually traveling from somewhere else in your home. Other times, there could be more than one leak occurring, so when it comes to leaking water pipes, it’s what you don’t know that can hurt you the most. Call the experts at Still Waters Plumbing to find you leaks quickly and repair them!




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