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Fast, Reliable Toilet Repair

A faulty toilet can cause your wallet to leak. Still Waters Plumbing to the rescue!

What’s more wasteful and expensive than a faucet leak?

That’s right, a toilet leak!

A severe toilet leak can waste up to 90 gallons of water a day! Crazy, right? Well not so much, because toilet leaks are very common and often go unnoticed for long periods of time.

Still Waters Plumbing will evaluate your toilet and make a recommendation to either repair or replace it depending on your needs.

Toilet Repair in Prosper, TX and the Surrounding Areas

More often than not, any issues you experience with your toilet are typically due to some sort of faulty part or mechanism.

Your toilet may still be in great condition, but the functioning parts are not. In this scenario, a toilet rebuild from the experts at Still Waters Plumbing may be exactly what you need.

Why replace your toilet when you can rebuild it for a fraction of the cost?

Still Waters Plumbing’s friendly technicians will explain exactly what is needed and inform you of how to maintain your fixture to keep it running smoothly in the future.

Plumber doing toilet repair and toilet replacement

Fast and Reliable Toilet Repair in Prosper, TX

Still Waters Plumbing’s toilet repair service includes:


  • Replacement of the toilet fill valve
  • Replacement of the toilet flush valve
  • Install new water-saving flapper
  • Install a new tank to bowl gasket
  • Install a new toilet handle
  • Replace all brass bolts and associated parts and gaskets




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