The Plumbers Wife

If you are wondering who is The Plumbers Wife, it’s me. My name is Darcy DeBord, I am the co-owner of Still Waters Plumbing serving North Texas. I am married to Daniel, a Master Plumber, and we have a daughter together. I wanted to start a blog called The Plumbers Wife because honestly, I have fallen in love with plumbing as a trade. When I met Daniel, I was shocked to learn how much training they had to go through to become plumbers, much less the huge manuals of code they have to know, and the math. There is SO MUCH MATH in plumbing, but unless you have a family member that is a plumber you probably wouldn’t know that. 

Plus, one of the things I really like about being The Plumbers Wife is learning some cool hacks to make life easier. Like, did you know that you could Ozonate the water that goes into your washing machine and you will never have to buy laundry detergent again? Yep, that is just one of the many tidbits I have learned by being a plumber’s wife. 

Another one of the things that I have learned when I became a plumber’s wife is that amazing camaraderie that exists between plumbers. It really is a brotherhood of wonderful guys who are always looking out for one another and supporting each other. I have watched Daniel mentor several young men who are starting out as plumbers and it’s awesome to see them grow professionally and personally. It’s a long 8-year road to becoming a master plumber, so it’s truly necessary to get support from the plumbers around you or you probably won’t make it.

Also, let’s address the elephant in the room. Yes, I am a woman who owns a plumbing company. I run the day-to-day business in the office so that my husband and our amazing team of five plumbers can be out in the field helping people. We decided we wanted to open our own plumbing company because we wanted to create a permanent home for ourselves. When Daniel and I were first married we traveled wherever the jobs were. We lived in RVs on construction sites for years until we decided that we wanted to set down roots and have a family. So, with that we combined our backgrounds in hospitality and plumbing and started Still Waters Plumbing in 2016 and the rest is history.

My goal with my blog is to share plumbing tips and tricks to make your life easier as well as a bit more about the company. I want this to be an open forum so let me know what you want to read about on The Plumbers Wife. 

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